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Yep, SpellRush for iPhone is here.

Find words in an endless stream of letters—swipe like a maniac.

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Beat the clock

SpellRush is the new word game that will keep your fingers swiping for hours… or, you know, at least for two minutes. As you swipe over letters to create words, used tiles disappear in a cloud of smoke, and new tiles fall down from the top of the board. How many words can you find before the time runs out?

How high can you go?

The longer words you create, the more points you score. Multipliers help you score even more: every time you create a word worth over 10 points, you get a star. When you've collected three stars, they transform into a multiplier and jump onto the board.

Play with your friends

Challenge your friends to epic best-of-5 battles through Game Center

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SpellRush is designed and developed by Tobias Ahlin.